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About us

Axpo Finland is part of the Swiss energy group, Axpo. Axpo Finland was established in 2009 in order to strengthen Axpo's market presence in the eastern parts of the Nordic region. From its office neighbouring Helsinki airport, Axpo Finland offers standard and structured products as well as other commodity related products.

Axpo Finland is a subsidiary of Axpo Nordic, which in turn is a subsidiary of Axpo Trading AG. Axpo Nordic is based in Oslo and has one other subsidiary in Malmo. The team is made up of 35 employees with extensive experience from trading and origination in the Nordic region and Europe. The company was established in 2003 and today we are one of the three largest players on the Nordic and Baltic markets.

Leader in Origination

The Axpo Group is a European leader within the Origination business, an area where we offer products and services for the power industry by developing customized solutions to suit the unique needs of our customers.

Axpo is a solid financial counterparty skilled at managing risks and delivering in-depth market analysis. Collaborating with Axpo gives you a partner with commitment and flexibility to help create long-term profitability. We are active in several energy categories including power, gas and biomass, and can offer pan-European management of your energy needs.

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Axpo Finland Oy
Phone +358 20 775 60 50
Fax +358 46 412 21 20
Teknobulevardi 3-5
FI-01530 Vantaa