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Revenue Management – a structured approach makes a winner

Axpo has 2 200 MW wind power under managament in the Nordic region. Axpo is a large, independent player in balance responsibility and risk management services. Managing more than 10,000 MW of total wind power, Axpo has a leading position in several European markets.

To be a winner in the Nordic wind market requires managing market risks in order to achieve the necessary stability to secure financing, whilst maintaining the opportunity for high prices.

Axpo has the tools you need - a complete package featuring market analysis, hedging of power, electricity certificates and Guarantees of Origin, plus risk policy development and continuous Revenue Management.

Axpo presents this year’s news for those who have invested in wind power – Next generation PPA

Until now, price hedges have been the only option for wind investors that want to minimize risk. However, revenues have still fluctuated with the actual wind resource. Axpo can now offer a solution that not only eliminates the price risk but also covers the wind risk. The result is a fixed cash flow lowering your risks even further which allows for improved financial conditions. Together with Axpo you can now secure the wind and gain a stable cash flow.

Both price and volume hedges

Our new PPA covers hedging of both price and volumes for wind power - replace unpredictable winds with maximum revenue security.

A stable cash flow makes it easier to acquire favorable financing as well as fulfilling the banks’ requirements and covenants. Suddenly all the electrifying suspense of investing in wind power is gone. Would you also like to know more?

Contact one of our experts for more information.

Note: we provide volume hedges for wind parks that have been in operation for at least one year.


Matti Ahtosalo, Managing Director Axpo Finland Oy
+358 500 83 7893

Seppo Ilonen, Senior Originator
+358 40 16 01945

Harri Piipponen, Sales Manager
+358 50 549 5351

Kimmo Tyni, Head Business Development
+358 40 568 3003



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