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About us

The underlying objective of Axpo Italia's business activities, as subsidiary of the Axpo Group, is to bring an international experience to the local market through one of the most dynamic sector operators, creating value in the Italian energy supply chain.

Axpo is a market operator with its own energy capacity. Energy Management and Trading activities are the core business of the company, which are akin to retail and procurement activities. This combination has allowed Axpo to maximize the energy supply chain value, from plant production to the final user.

Today, Axpo has established a prominent presence on the Italian market in various sectors, as highlighted in its business model.

  • Trading and selling power
  • Trading and selling natural gas
  • Developing and managing the production and transport infrastructure

The company’s organization has been structured into two divisions in order to best meet the most diverse of needs: Energy Retail, Trading & Origination (business) and Assets (development and support for the production plants).

In pursuing its own objectives, Axpo Italia adheres to a series of values that define business activities for the entire Axpo Group. Reliability, sustainability and Innovation guide our decisions, as they are the basis for our success on European markets.

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