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Interlinked throughout Europe

Today, Axpo ranks among the leading energy traders worldwide. Our Swiss roots offer business partners security and reliability. The decisive competitive advantages lie in our in-depth expertise in risk management and the close proximity to our customers in over 20 European countries.

Our trading business is decentralised and operates via various trading hubs in Europe. This proximity to individual markets allows us to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements and market changes.

Axpo is an established player in European energy trading and ranks among the leading energy companies. Market participants acknowledge this performance with top marks in regularly conducted rankings. These surveys assess counter-parties according to criteria such as price, flexibility, market making, reliability, integrity and processing speed.

Axpo trades energy volumes and financial products on some 20 energy exchanges, as well as directly with counter-parties (over-the-counter, OTC). Axpo trades with electricity, natural gas, coal and biomass, as well as CO2 certificates and green certificates for energy from renewable sources. Trading activities cover the entire time horizon from intraday trading to multi-year contracts.

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