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Tailored hedging solutions for your company

In order to take advantage of today’s opportunities and fend off the ever-present risks, hedging policies must be adapted.

The Nordic electricity market has long been a model market in Europe. But with our 23 offices throughout Europe we see several other markets now moving ahead of the Nordic region regarding sophisticated hedging products.

A new way of thinking

Many Nordic companies continue to use a stepwise or index hedging model, i.e. the same way of thinking that was used 10-15 years ago.

For industry, finding the right partner and the right strategy is pivotal. The single most decisive factor for impacting energy costs is the hedging strategy. The impact of balancing power fees and invoicing routines on your bottom line is negliglible compared to the results from your hedging strategy.

Why choose Axpo?

We have the necessary tools, experience and knowledge to help you review your policy and execute decisions in the market.

Axpo has been helping industry to optimise electricity purchases for more than 15 years. Our philosophy for industrial customers is to provide controlled risk positions, budget certainty and continuous updates regarding the market situation.

Customers in a deregulated market don’t need to settle for standard supply contracts - we offer solutions tailored to your company’s specific situation and to the prevailing market conditions.

Example strategies developed by Axpo:

  • The metal company that secured its electricity price through a long-term contract when investing in a new production facility
  • A consumer-product company demanding a high degree of flexibility in pricing that insured itself against high electricity prices by capping its future spot price at a fixed cost
  • A metals producer that locked-in margins by indexing its electricity price to a selected metals index

Financial products:

  • CfD contracts
  • Flexible contracts
  • Long-term contracts power
  • Indexed power contracts
  • Power Options
  • Green products (ELCERT, GoO)
  • Emissions (EUA, CER, VER)
  • Access to European markets 
  • Gas derivatives


  • Power portfolio management in the Nordic region
  • Pan-European power & gas portfolio management
  • Physical deliveries of power
  • Physical deliveries of LNG
  • Physical deliveries of biomass
  • Analysis and consulting
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