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Axpo xREM

The current and future challenge of the wind industry is to extract the maximum value out of the investment in wind power generation. Experience shows that inadequate wind farm management might reduce the annual production by significant quantities. In order to realise the expected return on investment, the most effective and professional management must already be ensured during project phase and continue throughout the overall lifetime.

At Axpo we offer customers access to our highly advanced asset optimisation services.

These services are based on Axpo xREM, an information system developed and maintained by Axpo.

Axpo xREM provides a set of easily available analyses to monitor the performance and the condition of a wind farm. The information is presented by means of a mobile app as well as PDF reports and it consists, among others, of:

  • Power curve analysis
  • Assessment of production losses
  • SCADA-based condition monitoring
  • Logbook analysis
  • Technical availability

Furthermore, the extended services of Axpo also include:

  • Independent calculation of contractual availability
  • 24/7 remote turbine operation
  • Performance improvement advisory service

Take greater control of your wind farm with Axpo xREM. For more information please contact us.

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