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In order to adapt to changing market conditions in the energy sector, Axpo adapted its strategic concept at an early stage. The strategy is based on profitability and cost-effectiveness. Axpo can only invest in safety, supply security and the reliable operation of its power plants with adequate financial resources and sufficient leeway.

Axpo can only drive innovation that sustainably protects the climate and the environment, and create and maintain jobs as a profitable company. That’s why Axpo is continually optimising its core business, working cost-effectively and seeking new, profitable business fields. As a result, Axpo can position itself more broadly and diversify risks – in the interest of the company and society.

Expertise makes the difference

On-going major projects such as Linthal 2015, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Global Tech I are also moving forward. In new energies, Axpo is focusing primarily on onshore wind energy in Europe. Here, Axpo is using its expertise in electricity production, distribution, sales, and international energy trading, and offers innovative energy services for customers in Switzerland and Europe.

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