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Energy solutions

In European countries, Axpo ranks among the preferred providers of origination services with individual energy solutions tailored to the customer. With over 20 locations in Europe, Axpo is always present locally. Axpo speaks the language of its customers, understands the local culture, legal and regulatory environment as well as market mechanisms. Axpo is familiar with the capacities of the respective energy carriers, and local climate conditions. In doing so, Axpo can create an optimal energy package for each client.

Centre of Competence for Market Analyses

The in-house Centre of Competence for Market Analysis uses various quantitative models and analyses the developments in the energy markets. The findings are made available on a corporate-wide information platform and make an important contribution to trading success, and to the optimal operation of Axpo’s own power plants.

Axpo draws on the experience of 700 energy specialists from over 30 nations. Their career backgrounds are as diverse as their origins. They come from the financial sector, including economists and mathematicians, as well as meteorologists or engineers. They develop strategies for the current day, or for the months and years ahead. They review countless data, model calculations and information.

Axpo regularly publishes its market analyses in selected publications on a range of topics and markets, and makes them available to customers and, in some cases, to the general public.

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