12.09.2023 | Combining leisure, nature and energy generation in Ilanz/Glion

Alp da Schnaus used in many and varied ways

Yet another ambitious solar project is planned in the canton of Graubünden. This venture doesn’t just focus on generating sustainable energy, it also aims to strike a balance between leisure, nature and energy generation. 

The next Axpo solar plant, dubbed the ‘Ovra Solara Camplauns’, is planned on a plot covering around 200,000 m2. By creating space for skiers, hikers and cyclists, plus pasture for cattle, this uniqu

The plant is to be constructed on the Alp da Schnaus, where a downhill ski piste already runs from the Crap Masegn mountain station to Ladir. In the future, skiers and snowboarders will be able to whoosh straight through the middle of the solar farm – at a safe distance from the solar panels, of course.

Hikers and cyclists will continue to traverse their well-worn path once the 15 MWp ground-mounted installation has been constructed, although this route will now run right through the solar panels.

But that’s not all: even the cattle can stay, as the land can be used for pasture while energy is being produced. Livestock will be able to continue grazing underneath the solar structure.

All told, ‘Ovra Solara Camplauns’ not only marks a milestone in Switzerland’s energy transition, it is also a shining example of how renewable energy sources can be harnessed in harmony with nature and the community.

The project in figures (according to current planning):

  • Being built at about 2,000 metres above sea level
  • 15 megawatt peak of installed output
  • Generates approx. 22 gigawatt hours of electricity per year
  • Electricity for more than 4,700 households
  • 36,000 solar modules to be installed
  • Area used for solar power corresponds to about 26 football fields

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