Axpo promotes innovative ideas

At Axpo, innovation is not just a theory, it’s a practiced culture. The variety of challenges presented by our projects is our daily motivation. We use the manifold competencies of our employees and partners to develop intelligent energy solutions for tomorrow. And we benefit from the diversity and character of individuals, who ensure that we stay close to the market and people.


Our diversity is the basis for our innovative power. Innovation occurs where different ideas and opinions converge. For this reason we support projects such as the innovAARE innovation project.

Axpo supports energy research

Full of energy for InnovAARE. Axpo is actively involved in the innovation park project in the town of Villigen in the Canton of Aargau. The park, located just next to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), is being developed under the leadership of the Canton of Aargau and PSI. The aim is to unite cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial innovation.

Local roots, global reach

Companies like Axpo that are supporting the innovAARE park benefit from cutting-edge research and the unique infrastructure of PSI. As the largest public research centre in Switzerland, PSI is internationally networked with educational institutions. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW in Brugg/Windisch and the Hightech Zentrum Aargau in Brugg are in close vicinity to the institute.

The park will concentrate on four areas of innovation: Energy, Human Health, Advanced Materials and Processes, and Accelerator Technologies. Energy research focuses on the development of technologies and processes for the utilisation of renewable energy sources, low-emission energy transformation, and the safe, reliable supply of energy.

Main research topics:

• Fuel cell and electrolysis
• Biomass conversion and catalytic processes
• Power to gas
• Energy storage and flexible supply
• Energy system integration platform
• Energy scenarios
• Energy Strategy 2050  

Partnerships with universities

Axpo is proactively addressing the challenges in the energy market and meeting these together with universities, students, and research institutes. This common ambition unites us.

Axpo has been collaborating with the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich on various research projects for several years. The exchange with highly qualified experts from both institutions allows us to realise various research projects, for example in the areas of modelling and quantitative models.

Young researchers are important to us: Axpo offers students a variety of internships and support in writing their theses. This close cooperation facilitates interdisciplinary know-how transfer and connects theory with practice.

A key project here is a specialised Master's programme in quantitative finance in cooperation with the University of Zurich Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology and the mathematics department of the ETH Zurich. This is a core project of the Center of Competence Finance in Zurich.

Elblox, the digital market place for electricity

Simply order eco-friendly electricity from a neighbour's solar plant, or from a local farmer's biogas plant or wind mill.

Elbox offers a platform for regional power distributors where consumers in the region can put together their own power mix digitally. The certificate of origin is ensured by means of block chain. In turn, regional solar, wind, hydro and biomass plant operators have the opportunity to sell their produced electricity directly to local end customers.

In the future, power consumers will establish themselves as energy partners on the same level as power suppliers.
The Elblox platform enables distributors, such as the regional power utility, to establish a local digital market place for electricity produced in their region. Customers can put together their own power mix.

  • Personalised power
  • Peer-to-peer business relationship
  • Energy supplier as a partner & service provider
  • Digitalisation of the supply chain
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Block chain technology