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Axpo Services employees generally come under the Group functions and work in the areas of Finance or Management. They first and foremost support colleagues from the operational business. For Group functions the ability to respond to the requirements of internal contacts and provide advice with specialist knowledge and diplomacy is key.


As a financial specialist you ensure that Axpo’s finances are utilised and managed in an optimum way. The areas of operation include the following: financial controlling, accounting, treasury, risk management, taxes, insurance, financial projects and corporate information management. It’s essential to have an eye for detail as well as the bigger picture. Analytical thinking is a basic requirement.


In the area of Management you take on either a support function or an advisory function and provide both internal and external services. An entrepreneurial way of thinking is needed as are good communication skills. Areas of operation include: corporate development, energy economics, public affairs, HR, legal services and communications.

Trading & Sales

In addition to international energy trading, the Trading & Sales area develops products and services for its customers all over Europe on an individual basis tailored to their needs. Risk management plays an important role here.


As an analyst you develop short, medium and long-term trading strategies, working closely with traders and using market news, data and models. This requires excellent analytical skills, knowledge of quantitative methods and an ability to recognise significant trends early on.


As an originator you are based in a European country and turn the complex needs of customers in the energy sector into concrete products and tailored solutions. You are customer-oriented and always look for a solution that is suitable in all respects. You will have strong analytical skills, enjoy working with customers and be persuasive.


As a trader you trade on the various European trading hubs with a wide range of products over the entire time horizon (electricity, natural gas, oil, coal, biomass as well as CO2 and green certificates for energy from renewable sources). You will have the following attributes: excellent analytical skills, strong nerves and resilience, good self-management skills and the ability to assess risk.


The Assets area operates the power plant fleet (nuclear power, hydro power, gas, new energies) as well as Axpo's distribution grids. The business area also optimises the power plant fleet and invests in new power plant and grid capacity.


Operations is responsible for the safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly functioning of our power plants in the areas of large-scale hydropower and pumped storage, nuclear power, gas, small-scale hydro power, wind power, biomass, photovoltaic and geothermal energy.


As an engineer in new energies, hydro power or nuclear power you are responsible for the operation and maintenance of existing power plants and facilities, as well as for the planning and realisation of new projects. Axpo engineers are more than ever required to be innovative, open to change, technically skilled and to think and act in an exceptionally entrepreneurial way.


As a grid engineer you are involved in the operation, maintenance and construction of grids for Axpo and other companies. These tasks require basic electro-technical knowledge, a methodical approach and a strong focus on customers and results.


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