About us

Axpo in the UK

We are an energy supply and trading business.

Our sole focus is to help our clients take maximum value from their energy positions in the UK.

We are active across the supply chain

  • We offtake electricity and gas directly from producers, and help them achieve their desired risk profile
  • We trade through bilateral relationships with the major wholesale counterparties in the market, as well as on all trading hubs and energy exchanges
  • We supply energy directly to large industrial and commercial consumers

Axpo UK was established in 2008 and is based in the City of London. The team is made of employees with extensive experience in the energy markets in Great Britain.

We are part of the Swiss energy group Axpo.

The Group produces, trades and distributes energy reliably for over 3 million people and several thousand companies in Switzerland and in more than 30 European countries as well as in the USA. The Group employs over 4500 employees and has been active for more than 100 years. Axpo is an international leader in energy trading and in servicing energy clients through bespoke solutions.

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  • Axpo UK Ltd.

    38 Threadneedle Street
    London EC2R 8AY
    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7448 3570
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