Working world

Working world

Dedicated people with innovative, entrepreneurial thinking are the basis of Axpo’s success.


Shaping the future of energy at Axpo

Axpo relies on motivated employees who are willing to learn. To enable you to face current and future challenges successfully, we offer you working conditions that allow you to continue to grow. Demanding assignments and interesting projects will help you to deepen your vocational and methodological skills. You’ll find appropriate opportunities both in your own field of activity as well as in other areas as you continue along your career path.

Axpo Academy

Axpo Academy offers a wide range of basic and advanced training, and is available to you to enable you to further your personal development as well as your expertise or leadership skills within Axpo. Learn more about our training opportunities at:

Axpo Skills Model

The energy industry is changing. That means the requirements of your position are changing too. To help you to know exactly what we expect of you, we have incorporated these new requirements into our skills model and tailored our training opportunities accordingly.


Develop your leadership skills through our rank-specific, customized programmes. Learn how to lead your team constructively and in a goal-oriented manner.

Talent Management

Are you highly qualified and ambitious? Do you have potential? We’ll develop you according to your needs, introducing you step-by-step to challenging, complex or more senior roles and activities.

You’ll find further information about our development opportunities in our Axpo Academy Brochure


Our actions shape our culture

Optimal conditions enable our employees to act individually. So that we too can find new solutions, implement projects and develop innovative products in a challenging environment. We rely on your powers of innovation, your leadership and your entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

We work reliably

You can rely on the quality of our work. Our results set us apart. Our commitment guarantees the best service for our customers. Entrepreneurial thinking takes us one step further and contributes to mutual success. Axpo is locally anchored and globally present. We stand for security, quality and sustainability. 

We act sustainably

For profitable investment in a cleaner future.

Axpo is proud to be the largest Swiss producer of renewable energies and shows that environmental sustainability makes business sense. We seek long-term profitability that gives us the freedom to act and makes us competitive.

That’s why Axpo considers it both a privilege and an obligation to respect humans and nature while constantly striving to maintain a healthy balance between the best possible protection and optimum use of valuable energy resources. This is a commitment we also make to our employees.

We are innovative

So we can shape the technologies of the future. Since its founding over 100 years ago, Axpo has been a technology pioneer. The company’s investment from the outset in people and technology brought the Swiss population prosperity and a highly reliable energy supply. Today Axpo is setting the course for supplying energy tomorrow. As the largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland, Axpo makes sustainable investments in the technologies of the future. Our focus is on hydropower, wind and biomass at optimal locations in Switzerland and abroad. In the area of energy trading and distribution, we are shaping the business of energy with new solutions for our customers.

We continue to develop

Because Axpo wants to remain among the best.

We take initiative, actively help to shape change and show leadership. We are market-oriented, and are always looking for the optimal and most economical solution for our customers. To this end, we respond quickly and decisively to new challenges, deliver results and continue to develop what we have already achieved.

We value cultural diversity

Because diversity encourages new ideas. Axpo operates in over 30 European countries and unites roughly 140 job profiles under one roof. The diversity of people and skills enables us to develop promising energy solutions for tomorrow. Because our diversity is the basis for our innovative power. By combining our efforts we unlock new opportunities for our customers and the market.

We are socially responsible

Respectful interactions create trust. We gladly take responsibility – for ourselves and others. We communicate openly, honestly and respectfully. Even when demands change rapidly, we determine a course of action and keep on going. Leadership means that every employee contributes to Axpo’s success.