Eco-friendly leader in renewable energies

Axpo and its partners operate more than 100 power plants. Our climate-friendly Swiss electricity mix consists of hydroelectric power, biomass and nuclear energy, and boasts a very low CO2 value. As the largest producer of hydroelectric power, and thanks to our investments in biomass and fermentation plants as well as small-scale hydropower plants, Axpo is by far the largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland.

At international level, Axpo is increasingly focusing on wind energy and investing accordingly in locations that are technically and financially viable for this purpose. Our wind farm portfolio includes facilities in France, Spain, Italy and Northern Europe. Axpo also holds an interest in the Global Tech I offshore wind farm in the North Sea off the cost of Germany. In the summer of 2015, Axpo announced the acquisition of Volkswind GmbH. Axpo is now in a position to leverage its expertise in the planning, project planning and construction of wind farms.

Safely into the energy future

Expertise from a century of sustainable energy production and supply is our foundation. At Axpo, reliability also means safety. This applies to the supply to our customers. Safety is also the top priority in our production facilities: at our dam facilities up in the mountains and the nuclear power plants in Switzerland, in the operation of our wind farms in Europe and the construction of power plants, grids and pipelines. For nuclear power, we have committed ourselves in a safety charter (PDF, German only) specifically to our high safety standards.