Mission Statement & Principles

Mission Statement

At Axpo, we recognise that we have a common future and a common objective. So that we develop and realise products and services.At Axpo, we recognise that we have a common future and a common objective. So that we can achieve this objective successfully and according to plan through our joint efforts, we have agreed to follow a common road and honour our common values, principles and code of conduct. These common principles form the mission statement of the Axpo Group.


The Axpo Group stands for reliability, sustainability and innovation. All of us – staff members and executive bodies of the company – embrace these values by acting with complete integrity, transparency and a sense of responsibility, and by treating one another with respect. We are unreservedly committed to this cause – anywhere, at any time and irrespective of what other people might expect or demand.

Our 12 business principles (PDF file)

Our values

We have common values

We communicate openly, actively and honestly. We say what we do and do what we say. Our conduct is characterised by integrity, personal responsibility, trust, tolerance and respect.

We create added value

We want our customers and partners to benefit from working with us. This is why we offer innovative products and services. 

We shape our future

We want to be constantly profitable and create added value for our shareholders. In this way we can ensure that we have the freedom to act and that we will remain competitive.

We are proud of our employees

We employ qualified, motivated and performance-driven employees with excellent social and specialist skills. We offer an attractive working environment that fosters above-average performance. We expect our managerial staff to set an example to all employees.

We act prudently

Our conduct towards people and the environment is shaped by responsibility and security awareness.

We are pacesetters

We identify and exploit new opportunities at an early stage.

Our 12 business principles


In conducting our business, we respect justice and the law and, as staff members, we comply with the code of conduct – anywhere, at any time and irrespective of what other people might expect or demand.

Our managers always set a good example in this respect.


The safety and protection of people and the environment have absolute priority for Axpo.

We comply with personal and occupational safety and environmental protection regulations and report any breaches in this regard.

Protection of privacy

We behave in a respectful, decent and tolerant manner towards staff members.

Any form of harassment, discrimination or other violations of staff members’ personal space will not be permitted.

We respect the privacy and personal data of our staff members, customers and business partners.


We respect the principles of fair competition and do not enter into any anti-competitive agreements concerning prices, terms, customers, markets, volumes or territories.

Neither do we exchange any information with competitors in this regard.


We neither engage in bribery nor let ourselves be bribed. Our business dealings are based on the quality of our products and services and not on practices of this ilk.

Theft, fraud, embezzlement or other criminal activity perpetrated against Axpo or staff members will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to take action under civil or criminal law. 


Gifts, invitations and other contributions or favours may not be accepted, promised or granted if doing so would or would be intended to exert unlawful influence on a person.

Appropriate gifts, invitations, contributions or favours of negligible commercial value are permitted if they are given as a sign and within the bounds of the kind of appreciation or politeness considered standard in business and social circles, for promotional purposes or as part of legitimate customer care.

Conflicts of interest

Personal interests and relationships must be kept separate from business interests and relationships, while existing or potential conflicts of interest are to be disclosed immediately.

As staff members, we respect our duty of loyalty to Axpo.

Business partners

We work with business partners that share our values and acknowledge the business principles enshrined in the code of conduct.

The relevant line manager or the Compliance Officer must be notified immediately if there are any doubts over a business partner’s integrity of the legality of their financial resources.


Confidential and non-public information and business secrets of Axpo or other companies of which we as staff members gain knowledge must remain confidential (including after employment or contractual relationships have come to an end) and must never be misused to gain personal advantage or benefit a third party.

Axpo’s business information belongs to Axpo. Business documents and data remain the property of Axpo after an employment or business relationship has come to an end. 


We make use of our information and communication technology for our day-to-day work – professionally, expertly and never abusively.

As staff members, we always communicate in a considered and appropriate manner and never say or write anything that we cannot stand by.


A single staff member can cause lasting harm to Axpo by acting incorrectly or unlawfully.

We therefore seek advice from our line manager or the competent Compliance Officer whenever we are unsure of the right way to proceed.

Breaches of rules

Breaches of the rules or criminal offences can harm us all and must therefore be reported to the relevant line manager and the Compliance Officer.

No staff member will be put at a disadvantage by reports of breaches of the rules by colleagues or third parties that are made to us with good intent.

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  • Compliance

    If you have any questions about our values and principles, you can contact Compliance directly at any time.

    You can also use our Ethics Hotline at any time, including anonymously, if you suspect a violation of the principles.

    +41 56 200 48 30 ethik@axpo.com
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