Axpo promotes innovative ideas

Our approach

At Axpo, innovation is not just a theory, it’s a practiced culture. The variety of challenges presented by our projects is our daily motivation. We use the manifold competencies of our employees and partners to develop intelligent energy solutions for tomorrow. And we benefit from the diversity and character of individuals, who ensure that we stay close to the market and people.

Elblox, the digital market place for electricity

Simply order eco-friendly electricity from a neighbour's solar plant, or from a local farmer's biogas plant or wind mill.

Elbox offers a platform for regional power distributors where consumers in the region can put together their own power mix digitally. The certificate of origin is ensured by means of block chain. In turn, regional solar, wind, hydro and biomass plant operators have the opportunity to sell their produced electricity directly to local end customers.

In the future, power consumers will establish themselves as energy partners on the same level as power suppliers.
The Elblox platform enables distributors, such as the regional power utility, to establish a local digital market place for electricity produced in their region. Customers can put together their own power mix.

  • Personalised power
  • Peer-to-peer business relationship 
  • Energy supplier as a partner & service provider
  • Digitalisation of the supply chain
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Block chain technology