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Number 1 in the most important European markets

In 2017, the company was once again voted the best power trader in Europe and also upheld its top positions in Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. In Italy, Axpo achieved rank 2, in France rank 3. The positive result is rounded off with the number 2 ranking in the category „Research in power – Europe“ that Axpo has been awarded three times in a row.

With Axpo, a large consumer becomes a player on the market in the energy procurement process.

Large enterprises trading energy as a commodity. We offer to actively manage your energy portfolio.

Is your company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Obtain Energy Efficiency certificates (TEE) and CO2 allowances with us.

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Research, Analysis, Reporting & Forecasting

Axpo’s research center uses several qualitative and quantitative models while monitoring economic and political developments. The result is a forecast for energy prices and CO2 certificates as well as trend developments.

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Newsletter: Monthly Energy Report

Our department of Research and Analysis in Switzerland develops a monthly report on the progress of the Italian Energy Market in the European context. The monthly energy report is sent through our newsletter exclusively to our customers.

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