Meter reading online and through the app

Send in your gas reading online and pay for what you are actually consuming

Prefer not to have any surprises at the end of the year? Send in your reading every month and you will always receive a bill with an up to date usage. You can send in the reading every month through your personal area on MyAxpo or with the MyAxpo app.

Send in the meter reading from your personal are on MyApo

1. Log in to MyAxpo in the "Meter Reading" section

2. Choose the withdrawal point

3. Choose the date in which you took the meter reading

4. Insert the numbers

5. Click "send"

6. If you would like to receive a notification via email, click "send me a notification". In any case, at the end of the day, you will receive, via email, a summary of all the meter readings taken.


MyAxpo: Login and Apps

MyAxpo Login

If you have not already registered as a new user: all you need is your social security number or VAT number and your customer ID which you can find in the welcome letter you received as well as in the invoices.

Send in your gas reading through the MyAxpo app

It’s quick and easy. Take a pic of your gas meter and send it through the app.