Guide of the 2.0 Bill

Find out how to read your new bill

Monitor your consumption and energy costs instantly in real-time thanks to new graphic images, which make content more clear and concise, in accordance with Resolution 501/2014 of the Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water (AEEGSI).

The sections where you find info on data supply, costs, payments, readings, details regarding taxation, adjustments / recalculations and contact details are clear and easily accessible.

Download the guide to your new bill

To ensure you have all the necessary information you may need, we have prepared a guide that walks you through your bill. Download it and keep it handy.

Guida alla Bolletta 2.0 per l'Energia Elettrica (PDF)
Guida alla Bolletta 2.0 per il Gas (PDF)

Glossary of the Light & Gas bill

Here you can find the official Glossary of the Italian Authority for the utilities.

Glossario per l'Energia Elettrica (PDF)
Glossario per il Gas (PDF)