Online Bill

Go paperless, get your bill online

The advantages of going paperless

  • Save €1 on each bill you receive if you decide to go paperless
  • Receive your bill in real time via email
  • Make an ecological choice
  • Download one or more invoices at any time from MyAxpo in the "Invoices" section

Easy management of your invoices

Download your bill online on MyAxpo

Sign in to MyAxpo, go to "Invoices Received". Expand the row of the invoice you are interested in downloading. The .pdf file in green means it has already been downloaded, while the one in red means it hasn’t been downloaded yet.

Create a zip folder of your bills on MyAxpo

Select all the rows, which are of interest to you, they will then be highlighted in dark grey. Click on the icon at the top right with the red arrow and choose “Zip & Mail”. Download the zip folder into "My Documents" on the "Download" page.

Group the invoices on MyAxpo

Do you have several withdrawal points and use the same method of payment for all of them? Want to group them all into one bill and make one payment? Or separate them and receive invoices for each one? To view your current situation and request to make a change, you can access the "invoices" section from the "Grouping Invoices" page or the "Assistance" section, under the category "Billing".