Check your consumption online

View graph of billed consumption

Sign in to MyAxpo and go to "Billed Consumption":

1. Select the type: energy or gas

2. Select one or more rows in the table related to POD/PfR which are of interest to you

3. These rows will turn dark grey

4. Select the time frame

5. Click on the graph to display the consumption billed (in an interactive graph and table format).

Download the data for the selected locations

Once you have selected a location from the above table and visualized the graph, you will also be able to see a table at the bottom with values divided in ranges,

Click on the red icon with the arrow, select "Download data" to save the Xcel file which shows all the values in the table.

MyAxpo: Login and Chat

MyAxpo Login

If you have not already registered as a new user: all you need is your social security number or VAT number and your customer ID which you can find in the welcome letter you received as well as in the invoices.

Live chat support through MyAxpo, help in real time

While browsing through your personal area and you can’t find what you are looking for, ask for help by chatting directly with one of our operators to speed up your search.