Online & Mobile Service

How our online services help you

Download online your invoice, check your power & gas consumption and send us your gas self reading

The smart Bill: it's interactive and available online

You can save €1 on each bill you receive if you decide to go paperless (online). Through MyAxpo, you can download a copy of all your bills and view a simplified version of costs: our Smart Bill.

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Send in your gas reading online or through the app

Prefer not to have any surprises at the end of the year? Send in the reading every month through your personal area: MyAxpo. This way you will always receive a bill with an up to date usage.

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Online services dedicated to large enterprises and energy producers

In addition to what is provided for all clients, we have developed specific online tools to meet the needs of large consumers and producers:

  • Display electricity measurements highlighting the PF and imbalances
  • Express a consumption and production forecast
  • MyPnL to manage your energy portfolio
  • RTM-G to manage gas consumption
  • RTM 2.0 to manage plant production
  • xREM to manage and optimize wind farm production 

Our digital tools for Industrials

Client area, simulation tools and power management plus much more.

RTM-G: manage gas consumption at each of your withdrawal points

Consumption measurements, forecast, physical imbalances and much more.

With MyPnL you can simulate ideal portfolio management

Simulate various energy supply choices, verify the purchase price and evaluate your portfolio’s performance in real time. Compare your performance with daily market quotations.

The value of transparency is reflected in our bills

Our smart bills are easy to read and you can find them in the "invoices" section in your personal area, MyAxpo. Understand the charges in your energy bill and look up your bills online on MyAxpo.

Our digital tools for Energy Producers

Optimise the asset management and monitor your production

Axpo xREM: Renewable Energy Management Services

xREM monitors the performance and condition of your wind farm. The production data, meteorological data and analysis of the logbook, are accessible through apps and reports.

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RTM 2.0: monitor plant production

With RTM 2.0 (Real Time Monitoring) you can check production data, economic data, physical imbalances, prices on spot and forward markets, log in market bid data for your plants.

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