App xREM

Axpo xREM: Renewable Energy Management Services

Optimize your wind farm’s performance

Axpo xREM is an application for monitoring in real time the performance
of your portfolio of wind energy turbines, irrespective of the technology and
geographical distribution.

In addition to delivering detailed information about current and
historical power production of your fleet, the app also allows you to monitor
the availability and efficiency of individual turbines as well as wind farms as
whole. Axpo xREM indicates improvement potential for assets not performing with
100% efficiency.

Our services for Energy Producers

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The Axpo xREM app has a user-friendly graphic interface.

Do you produce renewable energy?

Do you want to check out all the info available (measurements, market data, invoice data, etc.) as well as manage your operations? RTM 2.0 (Real Time Monitoring) responds to your needs. Access RTM 2.0 in My Axpo through your personal area online.

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