Asset Management

Thanks to the development of monitoring tools, we offer companies a comprehensive consultancy service that allows you to identify optimization objectives and areas while establishing the best strategy to achieve them.

With xRem and RTM 2.0 you can:

  • Obtain truthful information, which is easy to understand and with transparent production data.
  • Maximize performance while reducing risk.
  • Take advantage of two safe and reliable monitoring services, which are user friendly and guarantee expert supervision.

You will also have access to the Italian market energy and gas Spot prices for: Green Certificates, MGP – bids/offers for various electrical networks in various regions, PSV, average MSD bids/offers. 

Our digital tools for Energy Producers

Optimise the asset management and monitor your production

Axpo xREM: Renewable Energy Management Services

xREM monitors the performance and condition of your wind farm. The production data, meteorological data and analysis of the logbook, are accessible through apps and reports.

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RTM 2.0: monitor plant production

With RTM 2.0 (Real Time Monitoring) you can check production data, economic data, physical imbalances, prices on spot and forward markets, log in market bid data for your plants.

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