Energy procurement

Axpo proposes itself as a partner on the market for manufacturers whatever their source of generation and capacity. We purchase the entire electricity production as well as extract surplus from companies that self-produce energy.

For many operators the guarantee of long-term contracts with Axpo represents a certain confidence when establishing the investment value for generation assets, while for others it means securing opportunities in the energy futures market without having to become a market operator.

In an effort to meet the needs of producers, Axpo Italia does not provide only a single type of commercial offer, but makes flexibility its main feature. Therefore, agreements and offers are at a fixed-price, or on the basis of prices determined daily by the Italian Power Exchange, or indexed to the price of oil commodities.

Axpo is also active in trading environmental certificates (green, white, CO2, etc.). In fact, thanks to its experience in trading certificates, it is therefore a reliable partner for companies that are required to certify, as well as for renewable energy producers, offering, in both cases, the best market conditions. 

Our digital tools for Energy Producers

Optimise the asset management and monitor your production

Axpo xREM: Renewable Energy Management Services

xREM monitors the performance and condition of your wind farm. The production data, meteorological data and analysis of the logbook, are accessible through apps and reports.

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RTM 2.0: monitor plant production

With RTM 2.0 (Real Time Monitoring) you can check production data, economic data, physical imbalances, prices on spot and forward markets, log in market bid data for your plants.

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