Portfolio Management

The client becomes a player in the energy market

An Axpo client, duly supported with the tools offered by an APM contract, plays an important and dynamic role, reducing the risks arising from a traditional and obsolete approach of concentrating an entire portfolio in one single moment during the year.

An Active Portfolio Management contract is in fact a "package" of possible formulations of contractual formats to which the client can access in order to steadily obtain the final structure of its energy portfolio and operating procedures, which allow for optimization.

The APM contract provides:

  • an "adjustment PUN" agreement, which is not binding until hedging is carried forward
  • progressive hedging of the portfolio at market conditions which are considered cost-effective
  • withdrawal from the contract, or the possible admission of a third party vendor for the portion of the supply in SPOT regime



Smart Optimization Tools

Pan-European contracts, optimization of energy consumption and control of self produced energy fed into the grid, sale of White Certificates (EECs) and ETS allowances, management of virtual imports and natural gas transmission capacities.

Energy management has gone digital

Client area, simulation tools and power management plus much more.

RTM-G: Manage your companies gas consumption

Accessibility: check your consumption, your production and market data

MyPnL: simulate operations in your energy portfolio

Simulate the purchase price for energy and evaluate your performance