Portfolio Management

Flexible energy procurement

We work alongside clients to find appropriate solutions in order to choose the right specifications when purchasing that may cover all your requirements or only a portion of them, as needed.

Active portfolio management is a method of purchasing electricity, which has flexible procedures and can simultaneously have:

  • Take or Pay
  • Regulation based on PUN (Single National Price)
  • Fixed or indexed price 

Improves the performance of your company

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Active Portfolio Management: become a player on the energy market

By actively managing your procurement portfolio, your company can cover its consumption by taking advantage of the energy market, optimizing a major cost item: energy.

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Energy Efficiency: optimize your companies consumption

Thanks to our services you can identify what your specific energy efficiency goals are, develop a strategy to achieve them and get you equipped with the latest technology through a contract tailored to meet your needs.

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Smart Optimization Tools

Pan-European contracts, optimization of energy consumption and control of self produced energy fed into the grid, sale of White Certificates (EECs) and ETS allowances, management of virtual imports and natural gas transmission capacities.

Energy management has gone digital

Client area, simulation tools and power management plus much more.

RTM-G: Manage your companies gas consumption

Accessibility: check your consumption, your production and market data

MyPnL: simulate operations in your energy portfolio

Simulate the purchase price for energy and evaluate your performance