"Axpo can supply any type of biomass, nationally as well as internationally"

Axpo Iberia SL handles the following types of biomass:

  • Depleted olive pomace
  • Olive pulp
  • Olive stone
  • Almond shell
  • Pip flour
  • Wood chips (from forests or pruning fruit trees)
  • Depleted olive pulp or olive pulp pellets
  • Wood pellets of different qualities
  • Others 


ENplus® certification

Wood pellets – certified EN plus® A1

The ENplus® quality certification system is based on European standard EN 14961-2, which relates to wood pellets for non-industrial use.

The standard divides wood pellets into three categories:

  • Pellets made from chemically untreated virgin wood and wood residues, with low ash, nitrogen and chlorine content
  • Fuels with a slightly higher ash, nitrogen and/or chlorine content
  • Pellets made from recycled wood and industrial waste wood with very strict maximum figures for heavy metal content

Axpo Iberia SL is the first Spanish distribution company to be certified by ENplus® for wood pellets.

The pellets sold by Axpo fulfil the highest quality standards specified by the certification companies. The majority of boiler problems result from using poor quality fuel, and as such the implementation of biofuel certifications for domestic heating use will increase our clients' trust. 

Management and Logistics

Biomass management

The main principle behind the large-scale trade of biomass is to manage to tailor the product as required by the biomass consumer, in terms of quantity, quality and price while complying with the timeframe established. The seasonality of the biomass, its energy, and particle characteristics, and the amount available must always be taken into account in order to offer optimal supply guarantee.

In order to supply a homogeneous organic fuel that is capable of competing with fossil fuels in terms of reliability and convenience, Axpo Iberia SL performs different value added activities in its supply centres: preparation of pellets, drying, sifting, particle size reduction, etc. At all times, Axpo Iberia SL counts on rigorous quality controls in the supply chain, performed by approved and internationally recognised laboratories.


In addition to the peninsular and insular markets, Axpo Iberia SL works with the main European biomass consumers and producers, to support their activity in the group's different branches in Europe and to obtain a global view of the market which is essential for the appropriate management of commercial decisions.

The Biomass Department team at Axpo Iberia SL manages the transportation of biomass between the different markets, optimising the routes and times to fulfil its clients' most demanding requirements. Whether transportation is by sea or by land in tanker trucks, sliding floor trailers, etc., Axpo Iberia SL performs strict check-ups to ensure the quality and required weight of the biomass at all times.

The 2013 biomass sustainability and traceability requirements have been fulfilled for the wood pellets traded by Axpo Iberia SL which have been certified by ENplus®. 


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