Producers and Traders

Producers and Traders

Political and economic parameters, fluctuating network- and production capacities, volatile commodity prices, climatic influences and fluctuating exchange rates - those are just some of the factors that affect the primary prices of energy and certificates.

Our long-term experience in  the market as well as our widespread knowledge of the industry make Axpo the ideal partner for energy producers and traders who do not intend to leave anything within this area to chance and therefore focus on individual solutions.

Recently, the renewable energy sector was subject to a continuous streak of changes in regulations that severally impacted on producers. Ultimately, the current regulatory framework calls on the renewable energy producers to develop and assume certain activities in relation to power production forecast, profiling and balancing hence assuming incommensurable risks. As a consequence, the renewable production will become more and more exposed to energy markets while the governmental subsidies will be lowered. Open market exposure requires for professional position management and optimization in order to extract maximum value on the back of acceptable risks.

Renewable production assets are in many cases invested by financial investors who seek project finance. As intermittent production such as wind comes with multifold risks that needs to be structured and managed to achieve project finance by banks, wind farm investors have a natural demand for customized off-take solutions. Furthermore, physical services are required for financial investors.

Having a diversified renewable portfolio along with a diversified power and gas procurement mix allow to manage market areas otherwise not easily accessible by trading companies, such as balancing market, profiles, longer contract tenors or capability to provide custom tailored solutions.

A clear strategy is the first step into a successful future. Based on this conviction we offer many further services around energy that can help you to improve your position towards the competition. 

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