Tailor-made power products

Power: tailored, risk-optimised energy solutions

Energy management poses major challenges for market participants. In order to optimally meet energy needs, Axpo offers numerous products and services that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Here, you benefit from proven experience in energy trading, risk management and in the field of market analysis, not to mention Axpo’s presence across Europe.

Our procurement models – your benefits:

  • Full supply 
  • Standard products 
  • Structured procurement 

A selection of our services in the field of electricity: 

  • Portfolio management 
  • Hedging products and risk management 
  • Green Certificates 
  • Renewable energies  
  • Balancing group management 
  • Access to the most important international trading platforms

The selection of the procurement model depends on your consumption behaviour, willingness to take risks in terms of price and quantity, and the amount of time you wish to invest in the process. You benefit from our comprehensive product portfolio featuring both standard products and tailored energy solutions.


Trading and cross-border

International energy trading is the traditional core business of Axpo’s division Axpo Solutions AG. Thanks to our long-term experience, we have an excellent knowledge about the opportunities and risks of the trading business. This allows us to optimally address your individual needs and connect you with additional business opportunities by giving you access to other European energy markets.

Axpo Energy Romania has been one of the first players in the trading and cross-border transactions within a centralized market like OPCOM, with a wide experience in futures and swap type of contracts.

We are active on European energy markets through cross-border contracts and through a dynamic interaction with other subsidiaries of Axpo Solutions AG. We hold currently a power trading licence in the Greek energy market, allowing us further to expand our trading opportunities.

We are able to offer our customers structured products and optimal management of their procurement portfolio, coordinating trading and commercial activities thanks to our outstanding competences in risk management. 

Products and Services

Portfolio Management

Controlling risks and optimising prices

Asset Management Tools

Axpo xREM – Asset Management Services for wind farms

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