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Bespoke and transparent

We tailor every contract to take into acount the business impact. This means flexible payment terms to match your requirements, adaptable pricing so your site managers can plan outages with a positive impact on the bottom line.

In addition, our contracts are straightforward and clear. We show you preciseley how our services work and how they will create value over time.

You benefit from:  

  • Full market access: giving you the ability to fix and unfix prices over the long-term (from gate closure all the way to 10 years ahead)
  • Green energy: sourcing renewable energy from a wide range of wind, solar, biomass and other energy projects across the UK and Continental Europe
  • Demand optimisation: providing you with the flexibility you need to get the best out of your energy procurement strategy
  • Non-standard risk management: offering you the best instruments (price shapes, caps, floors etc.) to manage your positions
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