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Energy is the pulse of our daily life, and the way we create and use it is rapidly changing. While it is yet unclear what the future of energy will look like, we all know that the journey to a new energy future has long begun. We at Axpo aim for a world where energy is sustainable and abundant, and we have set ambitious targets in line with this vision.

For us, Innovation means the design, execution and validation of rapid experiments and innovation projects with our employees and the right partners. Partnering & Investing focuses on strategic partnerships and venture investment opportunities with the most promising Climate Tech startups, always in close cooperation with Axpo's diverse divisions.

We enable a sustainable future by providing innovative energy solutions.

The Power of Innovation

Being innovative is part of Axpo's DNA, and we always strive for more.

The central point is that we enable and empower our employees to create new possibilities, do rapid experiments, and validate innovative projects with the right partners. Our employees are essential for our long-term success and for the energy transformation.

We use digital technologies innovatively and strategically to manage existing business areas more efficiently and develop new, profitable businesses. We use energy technologies to grow our portfolio of sustainable and renewable energy sources. And we combine these to create entirely new value for us and society.

We practice foresight, explore, innovate, and collaborate with our ecosystem.  

The Power of Strategic Partnerships & Investments

As a long-term strategic partner and investor, we support the growth of startups at various stages of development, with not only capital but also expertise and manifold opportunities for applying solutions to the real-world challenges of Axpo's divisions. We cooperate with partners such as Universities, Startups, and fast-moving companies to help Axpo master the significant challenges ahead toward a more digital and sustainable energy future.

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We are currently interested in the following Search Areas

We are broadly interested in Climate Tech, with a current emphasis on the following areas:

  • Digital Technologies that have the potential to improve our current business and create new opportunities beyond
  • Solutions that make Axpo more sustainable, such as New Energy and Emerging Technologies

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Damir Kusar

Head Group Innovation

Andreas Schlenker

Head Partnering & Investing

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