Innovation at Axpo is intertwined throughout the organization. The goal is that every employee has the power to innovate. Employees are our biggest asset in driving forward the energy transformation. Thus, giving them the right tools, knowledge, and methods to innovate is crucial.

We know that we can't do everything by ourselves, so we cooperate with partners such as Universities, Startups, and fast-moving companies. We invite you to become part of our energy ecosystem in this rapidly changing world to accelerate the energy transformation!

About us

Axpo's Innovation team supports all business areas in all innovation initiatives. We partner with a broad ecosystem of innovators, partners, startups, and research facilities to drive our ambition forward. We orchestrate internal and external possibilities to create value for Axpo, our customers, and society to enable a sustainable future by providing innovative energy solutions. Through foresight activities and scenario development, we regularly investigate what is happening today and in the future that could impact our business.

Our team

Damir Kusar

Head Group Innovation

Gilles Amberg

Senior Innovation Consultant

Andrin Lutz

Senior Innovation Consultant

Valentina Maria Rieger

Junior Innovation Consultant

Thomas Simmonds

Intern Group Innovation

What we're looking for

We are looking for partners and startups which support our businesses to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges. Key areas of focus are:

  • Digital Technologies to improve our business and create new business opportunities (AI, machine learning, robotics, drones, blockchain, IoT, and more)
  • Sustainability solutions to make Axpo more sustainable
  • New Energy Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies

Every technology should serve a problem or need. We want to understand how your technology or solution can solve a problem or cover a need.

Do you have a solution to offer? We want to hear from you!