Cyber security

Cyber attacks on communication networks represent an acute danger for users and their processes. Especially blue light organizations (BORS - Behörden und Organisationen für Rettung und Sicherheit) like the police, fire brigade and ambulance, as well as companies with critical infrastructures like energy suppliers, hospitals and traffic are dependent on cyber secure communication networks.

Axpo WZ-Systems has profound experience in the implementation of cyber security systems and solutions owing to its responsibility for the secure operation of its own networks.

Individual security services

We offer our customers scalable OT (Operational Technology) cyber security services to meet the regulatory requirements for the protection of their critical infrastructures. In this way, we contribute to the high availability of production facilities. Using a SOC (Security Operation Center), we ensure that your infrastructure remains protected through active 24/7 monitoring and ensure the necessary incident management around the clock. On our standard security platform, your OT network can be integrated via a secure, encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. A view of the dashboard is available to you at all times.

Your benefits

  1. Custom cyber security solutions to protect your infrastructure 
  2. Maximum availability through 24/7 monitoring and incident management
  3. Standardised and OT-specialised solutions for system integration
  4. Long-term calculable operating costs through SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions

Cyber Security in the OT (Operational Technology) environment

Cyber security refers to computer security, cyber security or information technology security. Cyber security guarantees the protection of digital control and computer systems against manipulation, damage, restriction or theft of your software or electronic data. In addition, cyber security prevents the malfunction or misrouting of your provided services.

Operational technology OT (Operational Technology) refers to digital systems that are used to control plants or systems.

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