Solutions for emergency services

In situations unplanned, unexpected situations, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks or a blackout, as well as during major planned events like the Street Parade or public viewings, the BORS organisations (rescue and security authorities) ensure the safety of the population. Voice communication between the command and control centres and the respective BORS task forces is of central importance for coping with a situation. In order to act and react effectively in the age of digitalisation, emergency forces must have reliable access to the required data and information. With our solutions, we support the police, fire brigade, paramedics, rescue services and the border guard corps in their important work for public safety.

Your benefits

  1. High availability and reliability
  2. "Switzerland dark"suitability
  3. Various independent redundancy levels
  4. Temporary solutions (disaster recovery)
  5. Cyber security

Our solutions for you

Radio relay

Modular radio relay systems in the area of crisis-proof communication.

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Digital Mobile Radio

Modern company radio networks for professional and safety-critical applications

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Cyber security

Comprehensive protection for computer networks and critical infrastructures

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Operation & support

"Switzerland-Dark" Network Operation Center (NOC) suitable for reliable 24/7 support

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