Measurement as a Service (MaaS)

The demand for comprehensive measurements in the field of wireless communication has increased strongly, not least due to the new mobile communication systems that have entered the market. Whether for providing proof that installation and configuration have been carried out in accordance with the approved specifications or for operators to check the availability and correct functionality of the wireless communication infrastructure.

Measurements in the field of wireless communication

The measurement results are made available to the client as a summarised report on a central platform. The infrastructure owner therefore does not have to deal with the complexity of the measurement, the coordination for the execution as well as the necessary knowledge for processing and interpretation of the measurement results. He receives a finished measurement report, which contains the most important findings and relevant data. The measurement is performed with a measurement system calibrated and certified by METAS (Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology).

What we offer

We offer scalable services in the field of wireless measurement technology. In this way we contribute to the high availability of your wireless communication systems. In order to ensure maximum accuracy, the mobile radio sites are measured three-dimensionally. This unique and highly innovative measurement methodology opens up new dimensions. With this measurement method it is now possible, for example, to check the settings of an antenna in commercial mobile communications by Remote Electrical TILT, which is not yet possible with today's conventional measuring equipment.

With MaaS, any necessary corrective or remedial measures can be easily initiated. Periodic measurements enable optimal monitoring. The measured values are stored in the form of a report on our secure platform and can be accessed centrally. The data is stored and processed exclusively on our crisis-proof cloud. You benefit from verifiable access protection. 

MaaS, as part of a crisis-proof wireless communication platform, is aimed at all infrastructure owners of mobile communication systems. Through end-to-end processing in our high-security data center, we guarantee the highest level of security and availability. By means of periodic measurements of the communication infrastructure, compliance with the legally and structurally approved limits and specifications can be verified at any time.

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Your benefits

  1. Scalable, customer-specific service in the field of wireless measurement technology
  2. First-class products and systems at the latest state of the art (e.g. drones)
  3. Processing of all data in our high-security computer centre in Switzerland
  4. Standardised preparation and evaluation of the measured data
  5. Long-term calculable operating costs through a total service

Three-dimensional measuring method using drones 

By means of drone technology we are able to carry out measurements of wireless communication systems in three-dimensional space. With this novel measuring method, we are able to measure and evaluate transmission constellations with correspondingly high resolution. The infrastructure owner of mobile communication systems can thus be provided with metrological proof of functionality on existing sites. The measuring instruments used are certified and calibrated accordingly by METAS. Consequently, the measurement results are also accepted by the authorities.

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