Mobile inhouse

Due to the constantly growing mobile networking and the associated digitalisation, a good in-house supply is increasingly becoming a critical component for maintaining one's own business processes; in the event of local power failures as well as in crisis situations.

Radio waves can hardly effectively penetrate modern building complexes. This affects both the in-house communication of the building services engineering and the optimal supply by mobile phone providers in the building. 

Optimal supply

In the building, the network should be as homogeneous and comprehensive as possible without disturbing the network outside the building. The commercial providers are involved in the implementation of the in-house supply.

Axpo WZ-Systems plans, implements and maintains high-performance systems for in-house mobile and radio supply. These include mobile 3G, 4G, 5G, POLYCOM security radio and company radio.

With mobile in-house solutions from Axpo WZ-Systems, you benefit from optimum communication supply in your business premises. 

Our mobile in-house solutions are ideal for airports, office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, multi-storey car parks and hospitals. The supply of tunnels for the road and rail network is also one of our core competencies.

Various structural requirements such as EU standards, protection classes as well as official requirements regarding crisis safety must be taken into account. For example, communication within the building must be ensured even if the power supply and the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) of the building are no longer functional. In addition, the communication of rescue forces in emergency situations is ensured.

Application and special requirements

Your benefits

  1. Optimal in-house communication supply
  2. Turnkey handling of the entire in-house projects
  3. 24/7 support in our Network Operation Center
  4. Profound experience in the construction and operation of crisis-proof in-house facilities
  5. Expandable and scalable solutions

Different mobile radio signals

A professional mobile in-house solution supports different technologies and radio signals of different mobile phone providers. These are combined as effectively as possible and, if necessary, supplemented with special solutions for pager and GPS signals.

Radio signals:

  • Three mobile phone providers (2G to 5G)
  • POLYCOM (incl. connection of possible emergency transmitters)
  • private mobile radio
  • WLAN

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