Radio relay systems

Radio relay systems are secure, cost-efficient and at the same time highly available point-to-point communication links. They enable both simple and complex site networking and the implementation of redundant connection routes. Radio link systems are therefore particularly suitable for crisis-proof communication.

Holistic service

Axpo WZ-Systems' comprehensive product portfolio offers directional radio systems from various manufacturers with data rates ranging from 2 Mbit/s to 1,000 Mbit/s and various interfaces. The systems have a modular structure so that different services and technologies can be combined.

Axpo WZ-Systems provides a comprehensive service from project planning, implementation, operation to maintenance as well as individual services. This also includes, for example, the processing of the necessary building applications and licensing with OFCOM.

Your benefits

  1. Cost-effective communication links
  2. Many years of experience in planning, construction and maintenance of sophisticated radio relay systems
  3. 24/7 support in our Network Operation Center
  4. Wide range of products for optimal solution finding

Radio relay

Radio relay systems are based on wireless data transmission using directional radio waves that are directed from a starting point to a defined destination (point-to-point). The directional effect of this radio application results from the use of energy-bundling antennas, which largely limit the electromagnetic energy transmission to the desired direction. By concentrating the transmitting power, comparatively low transmitting powers are sufficient. Correct planning takes into account the relevant licensing requirements and enables optimum connection routes.

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