Dark Fiber Services

With its own fibre optic infrastructure, Axpo Systems offers its customers a high-performance and future-proof fibre optic network for site networking and the coupling of process-critical OT systems. The modern infrastructure comprises a fibre optic network over 3,500 km long and enables high-quality connections with high bandwidth and low attenuation. The security and reliability of this infrastructure meets the highest requirements, as the fibre optic cables are routed in the underground cables of the high-voltage lines.

Highly available connections

The Dark Fiber Services of Axpo Systems are part of a crisis-proof data network. Our offer is primarily aimed at security authorities and organisations as well as private and public companies with an increased need for security, flexibility and performance. The dedicated connections allow large customer sites or data centres to be interconnected. The optical fibres are based on international standards, are future-proof and offer the possibility of achieving high data transfer rates over long distances. Our infrastructure is built according to the latest technology and is regularly maintained and updated.

Your benefits

  1. Crisis-proof fibre optic network
  2. High availability due to independent cable routing
  3. High-performance connections with minimal attenuation
  4. Secure data transmission through exclusive use of optical fibres

Fibre optic cable

Fibre optic cables (FOC) are cables and lines made of glass fibres for the transmission of light. The light is guided in fibres made of quartz glass. Optical fibres with several bundled conductors are also called fibre optic cables and are mechanically reinforced to protect and stabilise the individual fibres. They are mainly used in communications technology as a transmission medium for wired communication systems. Compared to the older electrical transmission based on copper cables, optical transmission can cover much greater distances and achieve considerably higher transmission rates.

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