Cloud Services

Axpo Systems operates its own cloud infrastructure in its crisis-proof, geo-redundant data centre for Axpo's own needs and those of Axpo. Through our subsidiary Deltanet, we also offer the cloud services to our customers in the third-party market. Further information on the cloud services and the cloud portal for customers can be found on the corresponding Deltanet page here.

A special focus of our cloud services are the possibilities to build and host full stack cloud applications. For these low code applications we have technology partnerships with various specialists in this area. Deltanet's specialists will be happy to advise you together with our solution designers in order to realise modern and cost-saving cloud applications for you. Let us convince you of the benefits of an innovative cloud environment.

Your benefits

  1. Swiss provider with data centres exclusively in Switzerland
  2. specialised provider for mission critical solutions
  3. local, personal consulting
  4. full stack applications tailored to your needs

Full Stack Cloud

"Full stack" in the world of technology is the set of software products and technologies used for a particular platform for applications. This includes elements such as the operating system, database software and more.

In our context, full stack is a central term in the context of cloud and software as a service. Cloud services mostly work over the internet as well as device-independent and are used to provide shared computing resources (in the form of servers, data storage or applications) in a timely manner and with little effort and to charge according to their use.

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