Automated Inspection

How can network installations be inspected when switched on and digitally visualised? With our automated inspection, we determine the conditions safely as well as efficiently and bring your assets into the digital world.Here, drones take precise pictures of the actual condition of the lines and pylons. The subsequent evaluation of the image material is carried out using artificial intelligence.

Determine the condition of your assets

Our challenges

  • How to determine the condition of our assets without having to take them offline?
  • How to reduce the risk of accidents for employees on site?
  • How to use the obtained data for all relevant stakeholders?
  • How to enable an automated inspection to replicate it over years?

Our solutions

  • Automated drone flights with high-resolution sensors
  • Web-based access to gathered image material
  • End-to end inspection and digitisation of the assets from the aerial survey to the evaluation by artificial intelligence software
  • Experienced team of experts in drone flying, image recognition, and data analysis
  • Well established partnership with the software provider eSmart Systems

Our solution applied

  • Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights possible
  • Repeatable flights with identical camera positions, even over of years
  • Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) defined for capturing the smallest details
  • High-resolution sensors in the range from RGB cameras to LIDAR scans


Kevin Geiger

Product Owner

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