Automated Routing

Plan power line routes strategically, inform stakeholders transparently and evaluate the route variants according to objective criteria. With our expertise in software-based planning of transmission line and cable routes, we support your grid expansion project.

Plan the optimal pipeline route

Our challenges

  • How do we identify particularly densely built or protected areas and ensure to consider them appropriately within the highly regulatory environment at an early stage?
  • How to further optimize our transparent and objective communication with stakeholders?
  • How to optimize the capital expenditure?

Our solutions

  • Independent and solution-neutral route variants
  • Complete integration of the relevant GIS layers (spatial planning, environmental protection, efficiency, technical considerations)
  • Efficient development of options for lines¬†
  • Objective evaluation of the variants
  • Easy-to-understand visualisations for stakeholder communication
  • Well established partnership with the software provider Gilytics

Our approach

  1. Define project area
  2. Obtain and update GIS data (automatically)
  3. Define and adapt the factors for line planning
  4. Detail the options
  5. Compare and elaborate options


Remo Tichy

Product Owner

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