Digital Assessment

How can digital technologies and methods support your business as a grid operator? Our digital assessment identifies opportunities in the area of the digital transformation of grid infrastructure and systems. We analyse the situation of our customers and leverage our experience to identify the digital solutions and technologies with the highest potential to ensure their grid and processes are fit for the future. 

Digitise your business with us

Our challenges

  • What is the status and progress of digital transformation in the various areas of your business as a grid operator?
  • Which opportunities do digital technologies and methods provide?
  • Where do we focus for digitalisation and how to we apply our ressroucens optimally?

Our solutions

  • Assess the current situation of digitisation of the grid operator core business with interviews and workshops based on our first-hand experience
  • Define the status of your digital transformation and derive strategic, process, and organisational measures
  • Depict the progress and opportunities regarding specific dimensions for a grid operator
  • Experts with several years of experience in digital transfomrmation for utilities. 

Our approach

  1. Briefing
    Define the core topics and involved people
  2. Online Assessement (optional add-on)
    Determine the status through questionnaires
  3. 1-2 Workshops
    Evaluate your current situation und depict opportunities
  4. Discussion
    Present and discussion the results and own experience
  5. Recommendation (optional add-on)
    Calculate business potentials and depict implementation roadmap


Johannes Manser

Product Owner

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