04.09.2020 | Básica, Óptima, and Premium: three solar solutions for all types of SMEs

Self-consumption made easy

Axpo Iberia helps its business customers in Spain and Portugal to become "green" by designing, building and managing solar plants that enable companies to produce their own green electricity and consume it locally. Axpo Iberia's customers can choose from three solutions that are ideally tailored to the different needs of SMEs.

Axpo Iberia has completed over 20 individual solar plant installations, both in Spain and Portugal, which represent a total power of more than 2.2 MWp. The Axpo subsidiary offers its SME customers various solutions specifically for the self-consumption of solar power. The product range is aimed at companies that, for example, want to generate their own solar power on their roof or on the façade of their building and consume it themselves without using the power grid. The focus is on companies of all types and sizes: from small restaurants to large industrial enterprises.

Solar Panels of Axpo Iberia
Three solutions for every customer need

One of the options is the “Básica” solution, in which Axpo Iberia is in charge of the design, approval, turnkey installation and start-up of the plant.

Axpo Iberia also offers the ”Óptima” solution, in which it is not only in charge of the design, approval and construction of the plant, but also finances the installation through the savings generated during the years of the contract. In this case, Axpo Iberia becomes responsible for comprehensive maintenance in the first years of the contract, as well as for preventive maintenance throughout the term of the contract.

The third offer is the so-called “Premium” solution based on the ”Óptima” solution. In this offer, Axpo Iberia becomes responsible for comprehensive maintenance of the installation, backed by a Performance Guarantee with penalties for low performance.

Each solar system is individually optimised

Ignacio Soneira, Managing Director of Axpo Iberia, explains: "Due to the wide range of solutions and services provided in the solar sector by the vast number of energy suppliers on the Iberian Peninsula, it is not an easy task to assess the actual costs of a PV plant. This is why we conduct a thorough study to allow us to fit to any type of client, even ensuring that they can pay the total cost of the installation with the savings achieved."

In this context, considering the full range of Axpo Iberia products, the team of experts selects the solution that best suits the customer's consumption curve, and which allows them to obtain the highest savings once the photovoltaic plant has been installed. In addition, Axpo Iberia conducts a personalised analysis to determine the optimal term of the contract based on market forecasts, continuously focusing on how to achieve the greatest benefit for the customer.

Too much solar power produced? No problem - thanks to Axpo Iberia!

Where the surplus is compensated (plants of up to 100 kW), Axpo Iberia remunerates the power that enters the network at the average daily market price, without adding any management fee or routing cost. For plants in excess of 100 kW, Axpo Iberia offers its services as a Selling Agent, managing all of the customer’s relations with the electricity market (OMIE) and the transmission system operator (REE). In the case of these plants, and depending on their size, Axpo Iberia can offer price coverage and structured products.

For more information about Axpo Iberia's services for SMEs, click here: https://energiapymes.axpo.com

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