02.02.2021 | Successful integration and cooperation in the extended Berom team

Combined forces on the road

Janine Cavelti




Axpo Biomasse AG's Mobile Services were integrated in the subsidiary "Berom SA" on 1 October 2020. Since then the unified team is on the road under the name "Berom SA".

Berom SA has been a subsidiary of Axpo Biomasse AG since 2019. Berom SA with headquarters in Brügg (BE) offers mobile services for green waste treatment and is very well known in the Canton of Berne and Western Switzerland owing to its long company history. Up until 30 September 2020, Axpo Biomasse AG’s Mobile Services with headquarters in Hagenbuch (ZH) were Berom SA's counterpart with a customer base largely located in German-speaking Switzerland.

Merger aimed at using synergies

In the spring of 2020, it was decided to integrate Axpo Mobile Services into Berom SA owing to the great synergy potential. The entire Axpo Mobile Services team and equipment were taken over by Berom SA on 1 October 2020. The expanded machine park has made it possible to considerably increase the service offering. Since the take-over, Berom SA is able to address the needs of customers even more flexibly and find efficient solutions for their individual requirements.

Berom SA service offering

Berom SA offers services along the entire biomass value chain. Similar to ecological cycle rationale, the portfolio begins with the collection of biomass. The largest site is in Brügg, where green waste from Biel and neighbouring towns is collected. Berom SA's core business is mobile services. This includes shredding biomass, screening compost and humus, turning compost piles and the operation of composting sites. Berom SA can also reach remote regions with its mobile services. The sale of compost and wood products rounds off the diverse service offering. With these products and services, Berom SA focuses on towns, composting sites, sawmills, industrial cogeneration plants and earthworks, as well as private customers.

The history of the two service providers

In addition to current affinities, the two companies also share historical commonalities: Like Kompogas AG, Rom AG (Recycling Organic Material) was dedicated to ecological green waste treatment from the outset. In 1986, ROM AG developed a process for composting green waste as the first company in Switzerland and had the method patented. The newly developed process was used by other companies, for example by Berom SA (Berner Recycling Organic Material), which was founded in 1987. In 2003, Kompogas AG became a shareholder of Rom AG and a few years later Kompogas AG was taken over by Axpo. Shortly afterwards, Rom AG was integrated into Axpo Kompogas AG. Henceforth Rom AG was on the road as Axpo Kompogas AG’s Mobile Services. 

After Axpo Kompogas AG was renamed  to become Axpo Biomasse AG in 2019, Berom SA was taken over by Axpo Biomasse AG. A year later the two service providers were united in one company. Axpo Biomasse AG’s Mobile Services were integrated into Berom SA. 

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