Axpo subsidiary CKW releases power consumption data

25.10.2022 - Via its subsidiary CKW, Axpo is now publishing detailed smart-meter data on power consumption in the Canton of Lucerne. For the first time energy consumption can be analysed in real time and compared to the two previous years. The anonymized data is available to all interested parties as "open data" and is unparalleled in Switzerland in terms of detail.

The Axpo subsidiary CKW makes this power consumption data available to all interested parties transparently and no cost on the website Data is updated regularly.

The smart-meter data comprises actual consumption data from the Canton of Lucerne ­– measured in 15-minute intervals. The changeover to smart metering began in August of 2020. Since then, of the total of some 180,000 over 125,000 smart meters have been installed (Summary on status of meter change project). The released data from the already installed smart meters is read out and anonymized. This ensures that information cannot be traced back to individual consumers. Only energy consumption for consumers with a yearly consumption under 25,000 kWh has been published. The 15-minute interval enables detailed analyses for week days or vacation times. In addition, daily routines such as cooking at noon or TV watching at large events can also be assessed.

A second data set comprises the aggregated consumption values in an individual postal zone and enables regional analyses. For example, the impacts of local events can be analysed in relation to consumption. To prevent tracing back to individual consumers, yearly consumption over 25,000 kWh as well as postal regions with fewer than ten smart meters were excluded from the data.

This is the first time that data in this detail has been released in Switzerland. The 15-minute measurement interval results in 96 data points per meter per day, i.e. 35,040 per year.

You will find more information on this topic on our website: Feedback and inquires can be sent to

A similar service – with an outlook to the future – is offered by Axpo's power calculator "power switcher". This tool enables modelling of the power mix of the future:

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