Axpo at home

As Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energies, Axpo produces electricity and sells and supplies it to companies and utilities that supply private households.

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Energy market 23.09.2020

"We must abandon energy policy ideologies"

Axpo CEO Christoph Brand in an interview with the NZZ

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Energy market 24.04.2020

Where will our future power supply come from

We can’t just rely on imports. What we need is a Swiss formula: PV+Hy+60

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Energy market 10.03.2020

The ABC’s of energy terminology

Do you speak volts, watts and hertz?

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Energy market 03.03.2020

A premiere for Swissgrid

For the first time, a 380-kilovolt high-voltage cable is being laid in the ground

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Energy market 06.12.2018

The Star of Laufenburg interconnection

A milestone for the pan-European electricity industry

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Energy market 16.02.2018

All about power masts

The basis for reliable electricity transport

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Energy market 31.01.2018

Electricity's journey

How Axpo’s power reaches the electrical outlet

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Energy market 05.01.2018

Repairmen deployed due to Burglind

Emergency for Axpo grid operations

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Energy market 07.09.2017

Magic with control energy

How fluctuations in production and consumption are managed

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