Full of energy for soccer

We support various sports events and, as in all business activities, focus on long-term commitments with our partners.

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Commitment 14.08.2020

A visit to the Axpo Football Camp in Buchs-Dällikon

Five days full of energy

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Commitment 10.06.2020

Special stork rescue operation

A very special assignment for Axpo linesmen

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Commitment 10.02.2020

A football day full of fun

The ball is rolling again: 15 football teams from German-speaking Switzerland met in Herrliberg on 8 February for the first Axpo-PluSport Cup of the year.

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Commitment 03.02.2020

Renewable – climate-friendly – smart

This is how Axpo contributes towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Commitment 03.10.2019

Swiss National Day in Brussels

Axpo sponsors annual Soirée Suisse of the Swiss Mission to the EU

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Commitment 09.07.2019

Integration through sports at PluSport Day

Axpo Kids & Family Day and Axpo Corner 2019

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Commitment 19.06.2019

Unforgettable moments

Axpo football camps for children and young people

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Commitment 29.05.2019

The Japanese learning from Axpo

Why KEPCO is in Baden learning about sustainable development goals

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Commitment 07.03.2019

Vamos, Carabanchel, vamos!

Axpo is supporting a traditional Spanish football club

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Commitment 26.11.2018

Follow me

The final PluSport Cup with a surprise

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Commitment 30.10.2018

Environmental footprint

Axpo's environmental product declarations for power plants

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Commitment 14.09.2018

Children's heroes

The coaches at the Axpo football camps

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Commitment 27.08.2018

A team for six years

Axpo works together with arwo, a charity foundation for people with disabilities

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Commitment 10.07.2018

Together full of energy

The Axpo Kids & Family Day 2018

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Commitment 23.05.2018

Something very special

The first Axpo PluSport Cup in Eastern Switzerland

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Commitment 17.04.2018

"I like doing things for others"

Committed for the Integration of people with disabilities

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Commitment 29.03.2018

Fair and clean

Sustainability is more than a buzzword

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Commitment 13.09.2017

A day among peers

The last Axpo PluSport Cup event in 2017

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Commitment 03.05.2017

The big debut

Axpo PluSport players as line-up kids at the match between GC and Lugano

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Commitment 24.04.2017

Hand in Hand

Twenty-two line-up kids at the Letzigrund stadium

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Commitment 07.03.2017

Soccer player with a heart…for kids

Ex Swiss National Team goalie runs Axpo football camps for Kids

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