Visit the Limmern pumped storage plant

How does a pumped storage plant work? Visit the PSW Limmern in Linthal/Tierfehd in the Glarnerland. Guided tours by appointment with a focus on technology, construction and the environment.

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Swiss Grand Canyon

En route in "Axpoland": Through the wild Rhine Gorge

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Environmental refurbishment – mammoth task for hydropower

Balancing electricity production and environmental protection

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High electricity production during the winter

Study: Climate change is altering Switzerland's water balance

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Tightly interconnected European energy industry

Study on price development on wholesale power markets

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"Good basis for in-depth discussion"

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Off to the mountains!

Enjoy the mountains and the cool alpine air at the Muttsee

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Renewable energy 25.11.2020

From construction site to grassy meadow

Recultivation following completion of the large-scale Linth-Limmern construction project

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Renewable energy 15.10.2020

Switzerland’s first digital hydropower plant

A key for innovative energy production

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Energy market 23.09.2020

"We must abandon energy policy ideologies"

Axpo CEO Christoph Brand in an interview with the NZZ

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Renewable energy 08.09.2020

Higher dams for more winter power

Expansion potential of existing reservoirs in Switzerland

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Renewable energy 07.07.2020

"Existing large hydropower was left out"

If the Government does not improve the current revision of the Energy Act, Swiss hydropower will have a particularly difficult time in the future.

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Innovation 18.06.2020

World 4.0: Axpo in the digital age

First steps taken in transformation process

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Renewable energy 20.05.2020

Hydropower: A storable energy

So much energy is available in Swiss reservoirs

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Electricity from hydropower

Test your energy knowledge (2)

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Renewable energy 19.03.2020

Run-of-river hydropower – in simple terms

Hydropower supplies around 60 percent of the energy produced in Switzerland. This is good, because electricity from hydropower is renewable, indigenous, reliable and climate-friendly (CO2-free).

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Renewable energy 25.02.2020

Smooth operator

Switzerland's storage power plants supply important power during the winter.

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Renewable energy 11.02.2020

Cutting through the wall

How the Isola dam at San Bernardino is being restructured

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Renewable energy 28.10.2019

High taxes penalise Swiss Producers

The international competitiveness of Swiss hydropower

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Renewable energy 10.09.2019

Hydro 4.0

First digital hydropower plant in Switzerland

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Energy and nature united

The Klingnau Reservoir and its many facets

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Renewable energy 03.07.2019

In love with clean electricity

EROS Electric guarantees renewable, local, CO2-neutral power for electric vehicles

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Renewable, but not infinite

How much potential is there in Swiss hydropower?

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Energy market 04.06.2019

High up to the ibexes

New passenger cableway at Limmern pumped storage plant

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Hydropower: Expansion target endangered

Energy Strategy 2050 and environmental concerns in conflict

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Renewable energy 28.09.2018

Axpo and its castles

Building surge tanks for energy production

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Renewable energy 16.08.2018

Connected as a partner

Axpo and its hydropower plants - Who recognises our assets?

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Energy market 04.07.2018

With the brakes on

Hydropower: Approx. 500 million francs needed for replacement investments

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Renewable energy 25.05.2018

Water's power

Off to nature in the High Rhine region – to eleven hydropower plants

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Renewable energy 17.04.2018

Inside a dam

A look into the Zervreila hydropower plant

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Renewable energy 02.04.2018

Hydropower does not come free

Property reversion and new concessions for hydropower plants

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Energy market 28.03.2018

What the PSW Limmern can do

A big battery in the mountains

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Renewable energy 22.03.2018

Hydropower - local and clean

Amazing figures on hydroelectric power plants

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Renewable energy 14.03.2018

Missing money

The profitability of Swiss hydropower: A study

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People 09.03.2018

The environmental diplomat

How Axpo keeps the balance between business and environmental interests

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Renewable energy 29.11.2017

Hydropower: Do the melting glaciers help?

ETH researchers identify locations for future hydropower

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Renewable energy 15.04.2017

Every little bit helps

Small rivers and residual water to produce power

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Renewable energy 11.04.2017

Free ride for fish

Eglisau-Glattfelden hydro power plant: Elevator and ladder for fish

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Renewable energy 31.03.2017


Beznau, Eglisau, Klingnau: In harmony with nature

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Renewable energy 23.03.2017

More melt water until 2050

How climate change impacts hydropower

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Renewable energy 17.03.2017

Renewable – reliable – domestic!

Axpo is the largest producer of hydropower in Switzerland

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Renewable energy 01.11.2016

A photovoltaic system at the Muttsee – An option for the future

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Energy market 11.09.2016

Magnificent weather for a magnificent piece of work!

Report: Christening of the Muttsee dam

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Energy market 30.08.2016

The dam holds what it promises!

Limmern pumped storage plant: First reservoir filling on the Muttenalp

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