New large-scale solar power plants in France

Axpo is the Swiss energy company that invests the most in renewable energies and has the largest capacity in this sector. The photovoltaic business has been developing very positively since the acquisition of Urbasolar. The total output from PV plants increased from 249 MW to 373 MW in 2019/20. For example, Axpo is building three solar plants with a capacity of 40 MW for the Paris airports. And, a 30-MW solar canopy is under construction over on the visitors' parking area at Disneyland in Paris. Find out more about the solar business here:

Record year in trading - success in wind power

The business with major customers and trading is booming: Axpo is active in 30 countries and on 40 markets, and achieved a record operating result (EBIT) of CHF 498 million in this area in 2019/20. The international business with wind energy is developing positively. At auctions in France, the Axpo subsidiary Volkswind secured 2020 contracts for the construction of 10 wind farms with a capacity of 201.5 MW. Axpo currently operates 130 wind turbines with a capacity of 300 MW. Take an interesting look at one of Axpo's wind turbines here:

A solar plant a day for Switzerland

Solar energy is gaining ground in Switzerland, and Axpo's subsidiary CKW is experiencing strong growth in the area of solar technology: The solar installation business increased by 50 per cent in financial year 2019/20 and is growing much faster than Switzerland's energy market as a whole. On average, the Axpo subsidiary connects a new solar plant to the grid every day. Construction and operation of solar plants for customers also grew significantly. A solar plant in which Axpo employees can invest is located on the Baden campus: